Hey, Out There!

November 21, 2008

It’s me again, Herbie the Corgi Dog.  Tip to Hank the Cowdog!

herbieleavesSo, anyway, this is me.  I have such a good time playing in the leaves that now I try and make a dash through the piles on the edge of the sidewalks when Mom takes me for a walk.  I don’t even mind when she yanks on my leash–it’s totally worth it!

That was yesterday, though.  Today I’m really bummed out because my toe hurts and Mom and Dad won’t take me out for our normal long walk.  Mom says maybe tomorrow.

Herbie the Corgi is BlueIn the meantime, I’m going to just hang around by the door and look as pathetic as possible so that maybe she’ll change her mind and we can go out and play soccer.  I know it’s getting colder and she doesn’t like it, but I think it feels great out there!

So have fun and make somebody take you out and throw a ball for you–just be careful you don’t hurt your toes.