Shout-out to Bungie

Herbie:  I was just on Youtube the other day and remembered my good buddy Bungie and his video watching my video.

How you doing out there, Bungie?


3 Responses to Shout-out to Bungie

  1. Rebecca Wheeler says:

    There is never a miss at Herbie and Rubiy’s. Although Bungie has a long way to go before he is in the ranks of Herbie, it is wonderful to see youngsters learning at the paws of the master.
    Your fans eagerly await each Installment from the lives of these special fur people.

  2. Angie Callahan says:

    I think it’s so adorable how Corgi’s can see tv and their reactions. My Corgi Bailey that I use to own watched tv with me. Cute

  3. Rebecca & Little Miss Pudgy Paws says:

    Where o where have two little dogs gone? Where o where can they be? With their tails so short and their ears so big, their fan base is left to grieve. We miss you

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