Short Legged Bad-Assery

I only wish I had video to show you of today’s adventure.  So picture this:

Herbie and Ruby hanging out in the back yard.  It’s sunny and cool, and no longer muddy (yay to that!)  The birds are singing and flitting around in the bushes when, suddenly, a hawk swoops down, grabs a sparrow and pins it to the ground.  So much for hawk’s supposedly keen eyesight–he lands pretty much right in front of our short little hero and heroine, who immediately charge him.  The hawk drops the startled bird, which gets away, and he flies up into a tree in a nearby yard.

Cut to Herbie and Ruby, trotting back toward the house, proud of themselves for saving the sparrow–and equally proud that I had witnessed their heroism.

Cut again to the hawk, sitting in the tree, shaking itself off like it’s trying to shed an adrenaline rush (I’d say shaking off the dog drool, but neither Herbie nor Ruby actually got that close!)  Stubby-legged little toughies-they even take care of assaults from the sky!


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