Just Chillin’

Herbie:  No, I don’t really want to come inside right now.  Thanks, anyway.

Ruby:  Please can I go outside and annoy the crap out of him play with him?!


3 Responses to Just Chillin’

  1. Pippa says:

    *scritch scritch*
    Am I just looking from wrong angle, or are the ears really taller than the legs?

    • fabricpile says:

      Ruby does have particularly large ears–even for a corgi. Add to that she’s about half the size of an average corgi and . . . . quite scritchable!

  2. Kaydee says:

    Your corgi looks just like mine! but mine is a tri color. He is pretty small for a corgi as well. He just turned one this passed Feb and only weights 18lb. So adorable, I am obsessed with corgis and love looking at all your pictures.

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