January 20, 2011


HERBIE:  My Sister’s amusement with us seems at its greatest when some novel photography opportunity comes up.  She recently downloaded that silly Hipstamatic app for her iPhone and won’t leave us alone.  Girl, you just got yourself a brand-new camera, why do you feel the need to revert to canned irony for $1.99?

Well…I do look good in Buddy Holly frames.  With the lenses popped out.


RUBY:  HI, MY NAME IS RUBY and I am studying to become a WAITRESS ACTRESS model!  If you are affiliated with a modeling agency, here’s my headshot.  I’m hoping to get into the Kibble Bag scene, I hear they’re looking for DOGS NAMED RUBY fresh faces!

No, this isn’t my MySpace picture.  No, of course I didn’t take it with a cell phone!