I’m Cute, Too!!

November 20, 2009

Herbie’s feeling a bit grouchy this morning.  He discovered that Ruby had made it on Cute Overload for the third time, and he’s a little jealous.

Herbie:  I’ve got a haiku for you, Cute Overload!

Hey, look over here!

I’m way cuter than Ruby.

And I was here first.

Mom:  A nice long walk and some Chuck-It and he’ll get over it.



My Friend The Wild Whippet

November 2, 2009

Herbie:  My friend Bentley has such a story to tell!  He’s my best buddy (besides Ruby, of course) in the whole world.  We like to hang out together at his house and have lots of fun.  So I was really excited when he came to stay at our house for the week prior to Labor Day.


He’s kind of shy except with his own dad, John, so my mom was a little nervous about watching him–especially since the last time she watched him, he ran away from her and was gone for 12  whole hours!


We were having so much fun together at my house, but on the day his dad was coming to get him, Bentley got kinda nervous, pushed out our front door, and ran really fast to try and find his dad.  He’s way faster than we are, and really hard to catch.  My family was really upset because they couldn’t get him back.  He just kept running and running.   I helped look for him because he likes me, but we just couldn’t find him.  John and my mom called everyone around, put up flyers, got Amber Pet Alert, contacted the rescue organizations, shelters, and nice people at Caring Paws.  For days no one heard or saw Bentley.  Then my mom and John started getting phone calls because a lot of different people saw Bentley (who was very, very scared) running around about 5 miles from our house!  We all went to try and find him, but after a few days, we couldn’t get him to come out.

We kept looking and looking, but no one reported seeing Bentley for the next six weeks.  We were all really sad.  John got a tiny little puppy named Ernie to help cheer him up and to be Bentley’s friend when we could find him.  Ernie is a really smart Type A Rat Terrier.  We love him a lot, too.

ernie1This is Ernie helping my mom study.

And after 7 long weeks of Bentley being missing, John got a phone call that there was a “small greyhound” (he’s a whippet, but a lot of people don’t know what that is) hanging around a farm about 7 miles away from our house.  They local greyhound rescue angels were trying to get him to come to them, but he was just so scared, he didn’t know what to do.  Luckily, the people who owned the farm had been feeding him and he had been going under their gazebo for some shelter.

My mom and John, and I drove right out there as quickly as we could!  They saw a ghost-like doggie running across the dirt road from one corn field to another.  It was Bentley!  John called to him, but he was just so lost and confused, he turned and ran away again.  The greyhound ladies told us that we had to be patient, don’t call him, and come back tomorrow.

Well, we waited for about an hour and I fell asleep on John’s lap in the car.  Then my mom saw Bentley in the farmer’s yard!  He was so close to us!  She put her window down and I barked to him.  He turned and looked at us, but didn’t run away.  Then John whistled and Bentley finally realized that his dad had found him!  He came running to our car and leaped up in John’s arms!  We were all so excited to see him!  And boy, was he excited to see us!

So Bentley is at home now, he had a few icky bugs living in his stomach and he lost some weight , but other than that, he’s just fine.  He had quite an adventure–seven weeks living outside on his own.  He is very happy to be back in his warm house!  And we get to keep Ernie while Bentley gets better.  Ernie’s still a little puppy, and not the kind of dog to run away; but I know that my mom is extra, extra careful, anyway!