Did Somebody Say, “Chuck-It?!”

October 26, 2009

Herbie:  I used to think I couldn’t live without my purple Jolly Ball. Mom or the kids would kick it and I would bring it back until I collapsed.  Mom liked it because I couldn’t demolish it in 10 minutes like all of my old favorite soccer balls.  I still like Purple Ball, but now I have a CHUCK-IT!

chuckitOh, my gosh is playing Chuck-it fun!   Mom takes us out to a big field where we can pretend that we are greyhounds when we run after the ball.

chuckit2Ruby:  I love to play, too, but even though I’m faster than Herbie and always get to the ball before he does, I’m polite and let him bring the ball back to mom.  It makes him feel big and tough.  Mom had been keeping the Chuck-It in her utility cupboard, but Herbie figured out how to open the cupboard and was making everybody crazy sticking his nose in there, talking to the Chuck-It, and always wanting to play.  Now I’m not sure where she keeps it.


Did you notice?  I’m getting to be a big girl now!  I had my first birthday last month.  I’m still a petite little girl, but mom says that’s what my real mom and dad were like, so I’ll probably be skinny as well as short.  I sure love to exercise.  I wonder if I could teach aerobics when I’m a grown-up.