Training and training and . . .

June 18, 2009
Herbie:  My (sister/buddy) Kira and I have been practicing hard to become a Pet Partners team in the Delta Society, an organization for therapy animals and their humans.  I’m trying my hardest to learn and practice all of the tricks and commands she tells me to do–but gosh, I get so bored of “sit” and “stay” and “come!”  I learned those when I was a puppy!  I still like all of the attention.  I even get to go to PetSmart with her sometimes!
Even though it’s a lot of fun, Kira says I still have to work on some things.  I learned that people think I can be really grumpy!  I never stopped to consider it, but now that they mentioned it…I don’t have much patience with hugging and snuggling.  I’m getting better at behaving myself, but really, when I want to sleep, I don’t want to be bothered!  Is that so wrong?  Kira is helping me fix it by giving me lots of hugs and cuddling me when I’m sleeping.  I have to say, if this is what I get for being such a grump, maybe I should act like a crotchety old-man-dog more often!
The one thing I really didn’t like about this whole therapy dog was that trip to the dog park.  All of those big dogs rushing at me was just too much!  I freaked out and we had to leave.  I tried really hard to behave, I did!  But when you’ve got a lab and a german shepherd and a pit bull running up to you wanting to play chase like a bunch of oversized puppies, it’s intimidating to be such a shortie.  I’m going to try to keep my cool next time.
Because of the problems at the dog park, we decided not to take the therapy dog test as soon as we were planning, but I know we’ll make it!  Kira and I just have to keep working hard, and I have to work on not getting so scared around bigger dogs.  Hopefully Ruby will join our training soon!