Meeting Mr. Tumnus

Herbie:  I’m so glad the weather is nicer and we can get out and walk for a few miles each day.  I love seeing all my friends again.  Ruby’s getting to be a really good heeler, too, so I can find my stride and enjoy.

walking_herbieruby1I’m still not sure about that doggie water fountain thing.  I’ll have to work on that.

Ruby:  I think I figured out what they want me to do when we go out.  I’m a big girl now!  So this morning we were walking down the street when we saw another corgi headed our way.  He looked kinda familiar . . .

mrtumnus22It was my brother, Mr. Tumnus!  He doesn’t even live here anymore, but was visiting his grand-family.  He was very excited to see us, and it was tough for my mom to get a picture of us together.

mrtumnus1Of course, he wasn’t called Mr. Tumnus when we were little.  And I’m sure that since I was the runt, he probably picked on me a lot back then.

He’s really cute, though.  And I like his ruff markings a lot!  Hope to see you again next time we come through the wardrobe, Mr. Tumnus!


One Response to Meeting Mr. Tumnus

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi there! I’m Tumnus’ mom! I just got back home and my dad told me about the little man and his sister running into each other! I laughed so hard. That’s fantastic! I can’t believe how much they look alike. I’m just sorry that I wasn’t there. Hugs to Ruby and Herbie!
    – Sarah 🙂 (And Mr. Tumnus)

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