Lady Wallis

April 22, 2009

wallisThis is Lady Wallis (as in Simpson).  She was our neighbor’s dog when we lived way out in the country.  She roamed free and no one was home for weeks at a time at her house.  We were home all of the time, so she lived with us for the better part of three years.

Of course, seeing how she wasn’t our dog, we didn’t have much to say when the neighbor’s son decided to take her into town to live.  And when she ran away from her town life, we were heart-broken.

She was our introduction to this wonderful breed.  Talkative, friendly, eager to walk with us for miles and miles.  We didn’t hesitate too long before we knew we had to have our own corgi.   But we think of Wallis often.  And now that we have also moved into town, we keep hoping to catch a glimpse of her.  We hope somebody loves her and appreciates her as much as we did!

It turns out that Ruby is related to her!  So there is a little bit of Wallis still living with us after all.


Say “Bunneeeee”

April 14, 2009

Herbie:  Does my smile look convincing to you?

20090414herbieearsI try to humor them as much as I can.  But sometimes it’s just too much to bear.  it’s exhausting trying to please these people!

20090414herbieears2Ruby:  I just won’t do it.  You can scritch my back as much as you want, but you can’t make me smile with these things on my head!

20090414rubyears1It’s a good thing these people mostly play the games that I like!

Cookie Torture

April 6, 2009

Ruby:  Oh, my goodness, Herbie!  It’s horrible!  Just horrible!


Why didn’t you tell me that training involved this kind of torture?!

20090405cookietorture22Herbie:  Just close your eyes, try not to drool too much, and go to your Happy Place, Ruby.  Before you know it she’ll give the “OK.”  Then just make sure to leave a bunch of crumbs on the floor for her to clean up.