Hey! I’m Famous, Too!

Herbie:  Ruby’s just a pupstart!  My short legs have carried me around the interwebs a time or two!

Before you get all upset with my mom and dad for keeping me on a leash, you should know that I was only 6 months old and they were trying to train me to stay out of my dad’s office.  It was the same kind of torture as keeping me off the new rug.

It’s been really cool for my family, because many times when they meet other corgis–even all the way across the country–the other corgi moms and dads know who I am from my instructional video series.

Ruby’s not quite as gabby as I am, but I’m working on training her!


3 Responses to Hey! I’m Famous, Too!

  1. Too funny 🙂

    I love your babies – thank you for sharing them with us!

    Hugs to you and yours!


  2. eikoleigh says:

    OMG, this is the same Herbie?

    I’ve loved that YouTube video for the longest time and have sent it to a gazillion people because it’s just so dang cute.

    I just stumbled upon this blog a few weeks ago and had no idea it was the same Herbie.

    Cute video. Love it.

  3. Jenna Z says:

    Hi there! I have seen your videos before (they are passed around on corgi-l and such quite frequently) but I didn’t know you had a blog!! Hello from a fellow tri!

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