My Favorite New Game

December 16, 2008

Ruby:  I love my big brother, Herbie.  He is so much fun!   We play chase and wrestle and sometimes just sit quietly together.

 I made up a new game for us to play.  I call it:  I Can Fit Under the Bed and You Can’t.

20081215rubybed1He’s pretty good at it.   But I always win.

20081215rubybed220081215rubybed3The game is over when I fall asleep.

Herbie:  Some day, the game will definitely be over when you don’t realize how much you’ve grown, and you get stuck under there!


636.7 RUBY

December 5, 2008

My mom always knows exactly where to find me in the library.

img_3238I’m going to be a librarian when I grow up, too.

Sharing My Sunshine

December 4, 2008

Herbie:  At first she was really annoying, but now I kinda like the little fuzzy thing!

20081204herbierubysunRuby:  [*Smooch!*]

I’m Good at Maths

December 3, 2008

If you need a little help, I’ll be right here for you.  Just flip the “Puppy On” switch.


Um, I believe that answer is supposed to be in radians, not degrees. 

20081203rubymath21You’re welcome.  Any time.  [Puppy Off]

No Worries, Here!

December 3, 2008

As you can see, I have fully acclimated to suburban life.

img_0176-1I know that my mom and dad are going to get rid of this carpeting soon, but I really like it.

We Have Avatars!

December 1, 2008

Our big sister, Kira is the best!


Gratuitous Cute-itude

December 1, 2008

I’m getting the hang of this place!  Whine at the door when I have to piddle, pounce on a set of toes when I want to be picked up and snuggled–it’s all a teeny-brainer!

rubypose20081201I’ll bet  you didn’t know that the squeaky watermelon was the natural enemy of the baby corgi!

20081201rubywatermelon1Don’t worry, though.  I have it all under control!